Dream No Small Dreams

On Fri 13th Sept 2013, I visited the Ronchini Gallery in London.
I was particularly taken by the work of Patrick Jacobs even though I had to tiptoe to reach the small lenses inserted into the wall. These were something very new for me & that always excites me. What I found there was the most intricate, delicate little landscapes. They reminded me of those tiny Renaissance landscapes that you see fading into the background of so many famous paintings. You can almost imagine a tiny figure walking through them, that you are the Giant in some long lost fairytale.
Thomas Doyle’s sculptures also drew me in, but only in that familiar way of being similar to other work I have seen. Like distorted nightmares made of miniature railway models, without the trains. They reminded me of some the Chapman Brothers (Jake & Dinos) work, namely ‘Hell’. It also reminded me of a friend of mines Graeme Webb work, photographed mini set pieces, which I love for their dreamy quality & realistic detail.
They moved me & transported me but only to much better versions I have seen before.


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One response to “Dream No Small Dreams

  1. Mark Puddy

    That was lovely, makes me want to go but of course the mileage! Mxxxx

    I shall go see lots of amazing things on your behalf! Patrick Jacobs is American you might see it yet…there is a link to the gallery so you can see images. Sxxx


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