The London Art Book Fair 2013 at The Whitechapel Gallery

So it’s that time of year again…& my chequebook was twitching with excitement!
It’s The London Art Book Fair at The Whitechapel Gallery
I visited the fair on Sat 14th Sept, probably the busiest day of the fair.
I have been visiting the fair since it’s earliest days at The Barbican’s Curve gallery, almost 20 years ago, following it to the ICA & to it’s current home at The Whitechapel.
It has changed an awful lot, much like the Art scene as a whole.
I found the fair totally by accident whilst visiting The Barbican’s main gallery show ( which I no longer remember). I still remember the thrill of picking up these books & finding quite unusual structures, materials & often witty text.
That was it I was hooked!
There was no hope for me then, it became a regular annual fixture in my diary & only childbirth & sick children have kept me away.
The very first visit saw me spend a little more than I had planned to that day…my first Ron King’s bought probably from the man himself, thinking back. If only I had known who he was then…
The collection has grown in quantity but rarely in scale; my collection is mainly of very tiny artists books ( small is usually cheaper) with a few exceptions.
The amount I spend on them has increased over the years, very naughty but I just can’t help it!! After all, beans on toast is still cheap, right? Books will sustain me….they must.


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