First little book

Here are images of my first little book made in our first week, for homework.
I used the Mersea images & the poem I wrote Mersea sea, Mersea me.
I used Paintshop Pro to reverse the colours to make them negatives. I had promised my girls, when we went to Mersea on a horribly grey rainy day, that I could make ‘it look blue’ on the computer. So I did. I like the way the pebbles almost look like they are under water, super real, shiny edges, almost jewel like.
Ordinary pebbles made into precious jewels, like the bottom of rivers in Sri Lanka or Thailand yielding beautiful precious sapphires.
Except the Mersea shore yields oysters, loads of them. The ugly yet beautiful shells are everywhere. All knarled and battered on the outside…silky, smooth white on the inside. You half expect to pick up a huge, knobbly pearl from amongst the pebbles.
One thing that surprised me was, that the shells were often built up around and incorporated bits of mussel shells. Like the ultimate waste recycling! No piece of shell gone to waste.

I made several versions of this little book & this is a version printed onto glossy photo paper. The paper is too thick to fold into a proper book, but this gives it an almost sculptural quality as it can stand freely.
Book as object, book as display.








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