Lesli Sharples

Below is a small excerpt from Lesli Sharples website.
I haven’t seen the work in person but I am intrigued by the miniature worlds behind optical lenses. This reminds me of Patrick Jacobs work seen recently at The Ronchini Gallery.

“Low-voltage lighting, optical lenses and motorised movement are consolidated to manipulate the sensory perceptions of audiences and through the harnessing of light, which is merged with contrived visual stimuli, illusion, distortion and trickery result in ocular spatial deception.
The intricate construction of these TINY WORLDS force fantasy to collide with reality and interfaces between the past and the present are juxtaposed through metaphorical representations that are momentarily believable in the poetic imagination.”

I have been interested in encasing text/paper in resin for a long time, having seen waste shreds of bank notes floating, all glistening in warm coloured plastic resin, used as a worktop in a hairdressers of all places.
I like the idea of 3-D resin letters with perhaps text floating inside.
Both Patrick & Lesli’s work makes me want to explore the use of lenses in front of text or print. To explore distortion & magnification perhaps?
Portals into other worlds?
I have always been interested, if not borderline obsessed with details, with the close up, with the detailed texture of surfaces, with miniature plants, mosses & fungi, tiny miniature books & objects…and yes my daughters’ doll’s house.



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2 responses to “Lesli Sharples

  1. I am Lesli Sharples ARBS, and I was delighted when I came across this post by chance. ‘Thank you’ for your interest. However, my skills, artworks, and collections have considerably advanced since the early works that you have viewed, and yes professional photographs of my 3D ‘Tiny Worlds’ are suitable for the illustration of books. Many of my collections are rooted in literature, history and humanitarian issues, whilst new works could be based upon any idea, theme or concept none of which are too great that they cannot be miniaturized. Should you or others be interested to see more recent tiny sculptures (my best works), I would be please to ‘connect’ via ‘LinkedIn’. Unfortunately, health has set me back, hence at the moment more advanced artworks are not out there. Again, I ‘thank you’ for your interest and I can be contacted at: mail@leslisharples.co.uk, kindest regards, Lesli (awarded member: The Royal British Society of Sculptors).


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