The Lavender Fields

I took a deep breath & closed my eyes.
Another inhalation & it hit me, hard.
The scent was heady, sweet, evocotive.
Colours floated inside my eyelids as the sunshine filtered through.
The sweet, heady air filled my lungs and calmed my nerves.
I opened my eyes, slowly, one at a time & again the senses were assaulted. This time with colours, deep & pure; purple, so deep. As far as the eye could see. If I kept my head still, I could imagine there was nothing else, that I might dive in & it wrap around me.
But, just a little tilt & my eyes catch the blueness of the sky. Battling with the purple for supremacy, safe in the knowledge that the purple,
is so temporary.


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Filed under Writing: Prose & Poetry

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