Book Breakers

The Usual Thing

While thinking of how to undertake my current idea I researched the web for artists that had modified books by cutting them or breaking them.  I found three artists, two of which their piece is similar to what I am looking for, but do not have the same discourse. Vikenti Komitski, rips the book in half with a zig zag; not quiet what I imagine a book would look ike when teared in half or when it fell and broke. The australian artist AFOM (A Friend Of Mine) and the portuguese artist Adelina Lopes, cut a book in a way that it looks shattered. AFOM’s book looks like some one has hammered the book and it has shattered, and Adelina Lopes’s book looks more like if it has fallen and shattered. Both books resemble the properties of a mirror when broken. This idea is similar to what I wish to…

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