Tactile Felt

I found the most wonderful, artisan felt in Greenwich Market (London) this weekend.
Signori Balzari of Balzari & Gilmour makes the most sublime hand-felted items. In particular the ‘flat-caps’ for men or women were stunning. All made from different wool fleece, often undyed & labelled with the herds names & country of origin of such gorgeous softness & resilient to any weather.
He is very dynamic & generous with his knowledge of fleece and it was a pleasure to discuss the varying properties & textures of each fleece.
He uses an age old technique for felting his fleeces (not rolling) and I hope to get more inside knowledge on a future visit.
The website is being updated at the moment so I recommend a visit in person to Greenwich Market to try on the hats & caps.
He also does workshops where you can learn his special technique.
Their felt lamps were a big hit at the London Design Festival in 2011, showing the versatility of such an old craft technique.
Before cloth there was felt…




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2 responses to “Tactile Felt

  1. guglielmo balzari

    I’m glad You appreciated our effort and research
    After all, isn’t so bad being between a photograph of a galaxy and a teaching of Bhudda!! Not to speak about Blake. Best wishes
    guglielmo balzari


    • Hi Guglielmo,
      Really glad you liked the post. A few friends have commented that they like the look of your caps. Hopefully, some will pop down to your stall.
      I wish you all the best & will pop down again myself as I have a couple of birthday pressies to get.
      Kind regards,
      Sonia Serrao


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