The Light of Jacob’s Ladder

I visited The Whitechapel Gallery at the weekend & thoroughly enjoyed the new installation by Kader Attia, a French-Algerian artist.
A central, square glass showcase of books & artefacts are surrounded by high shelves to create almost a room, a reading room perhaps. This is a dimly lit almost cosy space, much like a private library or a small forgotten room of a much larger institution.
But then, almost as you are about to leave, having enjoyed the wonders within, you look up and the real magic of the space is revealed!
A mirrored ceiling ensures the book shelves repeat ever upwards.
Then you notice a set of wooden library steps to the top of the case…irresistible! At the top you can look down into the mirror on top of the case & see the book shelves forever descending, and you become part of the piece as your reflection is repeated to infinity & beyond.
I saw & participated in this site specific installation with great delight & hope to visit it again during it’s year long residency at The Whitechapel Gallery.





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