Pierced Paper: Art, Design, Craft or all three?

I have been stitching on paper again, after many years of sewing machine abstinence.
My old Singer, positively sighed with relief at being dusted, oiled & cleaned.
I began by making some simple stitched designs, long, flowing lengths of stitching, later folded into small concertina books. These echoed my turn of the Millennium mono prints that depicted my then journey from art teacher to artist & back again to artist-teacher. These river like pieces were always intended to turn into books.
So here they materialise again as mini stitched versions, using a technique I had used a lot, at least half a dozen years earlier still, whilst creating designs for rugs & cushions.
With the pebble images & books firmly in mind, I began trying to draw images of pebbles on the paper. What I really want to try is ‘hand writing’ with the machine…
The Singer now groaned, with the pressures of a less expected activity, “just let me zig-zag” it said.
So I tried something else to relieve it’s strain. I took the thread out.
Ahhh…so much better. I could now almost make passable representations of pebbles by just using the needle & machine.
Of course, it was but a brief hop to using a hand needle next, to pierce patterns into paper.

I hope to continue this line of action research & see where the piercing takes me. To places of hidden poetry rather than Victorian parlours!

I found the work of illustrator Peter Crawley on line which encompasses text, piercing paper & thread and will have to have a go. It seems a natural progression for this work to take & wonder where it will lead.


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