Genius Stones

I am so loving ‘Los Dave’s’ pebble & stone photos on Flickr, taken at Southsea in the UK.

His ‘messages’ are profound and I hope he leaves these stones out there for people to find.
Text is written in permanent pen directly onto the stones.
There is wit & humour in these messages, real poetry.

As I sit here looking at my collection of stones/pebbles for my project, I am most inspired and will certainly explore this immediate way to add one’s poetry to such a tangible part of a landscape. Having been thinking about who my audience might be, and considering making work that might be interactive or that can be passed onto others, this might be a start in exploring this concept. I like the idea of sending artists’ trading cards out & this type of work is almost an extension of that, one could send out real objects? in this case pebbles or stones. I also like the connection it makes with graffiti and street art. Permanent but possibly temporary…at the mercy of the elements or passersby.


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