Papermaking workshop with Mandy Brannan

Excellent & very inspiring papermaking workshop with Mandy Brannan today at college! It was so good to work with & get to know such a Master Craftsperson. It was also great to work alongside my fellow students, something we haven’t had the chance to do for months. Here are some images of our work, drying on the windows of our studio. We used cotton & sisal linters mixed with recycled pulp. We also used different sized & shaped moulds & deckles.





I’m looking forward to further experiments with pulp as it ties in with my recent experiments with papier mache. The malleability of the linters (pure fibre papers) will give me the chance to mould shapes for my landscapes, whilst preserving archive quality. It ties in nicely with some brief experiments that I tried in the first term, pressing glass pebbles into thick paper. It’s near on 20 years since I taught & indulged in making paper; I regret getting rid of my trusty old blender. However, I remember well the excitement of adding silk & synthetic fibres, natural elements of flower petals, layering a variety of coloured pulps and drawing into each layer of pulp.


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