Donna Loiola Landscape Artist

The weekend proved very fruitful with creative inspiration all round.
I was invited to Donna Loiola’s Open House ‘Inscapes’ exhibition on the E17 Art Trail.
Donna is a qualified & practising Art Therapist in West London,  as well as an accomplished artist & painter. Her process is intuitive and she has an innate understanding of colour;
mostly abstract landscapes that she summons from her subconscious, hence the title ‘Inscapes’. Her earlier life was spent in Trinidad and her love of her homeland is very evident, with an intrinsic quality of light in her work.
Her paintings lead one on a sensory journey, you dive in and feel the sun on your face as you resurface within it. A total emersion in light & colour, bathing you in a warm glow of inspiration.
It was a joyous celebration of many years work and I for one am very much looking forward to the next instalment!


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