God in a Bottle

The British Folk Art exhibition at Tate Britain, which finished recently, was very inspiring.
Lots of homemade items often using unusual materials.


This beautiful chicken is made of bones, delicately sculpted and placed to represent the feathers.



These fetishistic bottles containing crucifixes are often known as ‘God in a Bottle’. The Tate label suggested that they might have been made by Irish labourers working in the North of England, but were not sure of their purpose.
These objects have an almost primitive, Pagan quality.  Would they have been made as talismans? to protect the workers or warnings against the ‘devil drink’? Fascinating and possibly worthy of further research I think.
Other textile work was also inspiring as well as moving.


I enjoyed seeing the scraps of paper & text that were used to make the quilting shapes, drawing us in to remember the real women who produced these items. There were also examples of men’s stitching by Prisoners of War & sailors.




These 3D objects are pin cushions, scraps of stuffed fabric decorated with pins.
They reminded me of old times & made me very nostalgic for my textile making days…


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