The expansive ocean
Stretching to the horizon and dropping off the edge of the world.
What lies there? Out there?
Beyond the clouds and the setting of the sun.
The stars do not tell us what we want to know, just what we need to get us there.
The dolphins guide us in the dark and tempt us to explore the deep.
But we must remain on the surface,
Inbetween the sky and sea, neither here nor there.
The land is our home, but which or where we do not know.
Sounds of life all around us,
Splashing of fish and low diving birds.
But we are apart, different from them and yet of them.
We sail on,
Exploring the nothingness,
the constant reach for our horizon,
Our zenith.
No maps tell us exactly where we are heading,
No longitude can mark our time,
No latitude can place us
On this ocean of life.


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Filed under Photographs, Sketchbook, Writing: Prose & Poetry

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