Mock up of next Suitcase Landscape


This is a work in progress.
The case will be similar in make up to the Landscape Hamper, with a sky photograph in the lid and a miniature landscape in the other half.
The case, as a format, represents the book for me. It’s contents a material manifestation of ‘Saudade’ a Portuguese term that denotes something akin to Nostalgia, longing or grieving for someone, something or a place one loves but is separated from.
In this piece the ‘Saudade’ is for my place of birth, Madeira, a Portuguese island, in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of NW Africa.
I moved away when I was only 15 months old and have not lived there since, only visiting family for holidays.
My idealised notions of the place are soaked with nostalgia, I have to leave my family there every time I depart and it feels like a part of my very soul is chipped away each time.
I always feel whole, like the real me on my return to the island.
With a constant link to the wonderful Travelling Library, I saw in Leeds, which was made to carry all the necessary classics to foreign climes, I wish to bring my very own foreign clime back with me to England. It both feeds & quenches my ‘Saudade’ for the place and it’s people, my family.


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