A seaside trip to Margate

This weekend saw a trip to Margate, in Kent to see the Jeremy Deller exhibition & Edmund de Waal installation at The Turner Contemporary  Gallery.

The Jeremy Deller show is the British Pavilion show that was part of the Venice Biennalle 2013. You may have already seen a version of this touring show at either The William Morris Gallery in London or in Bristol.


My favourite piece in the Deller exhibition , is the huge wall painting of William Morris sinking one of Roman Abramovich’s super yachts.
It’s title is ‘We sit starving amongst our Gold’.
William Morris has been given the airbrush treatment,  he’s looking svelte in his well fitting suit & his hair is beautifully coifurred, not a realistic vision but you have to admire a man sinking one of the oligarch’s superyachts (is it 6 he has owned?).
I also particularly enjoyed the short film on show in the gallery, it was very beautifully crafted with a stunning musical score. A very evocative piece.

The new Edmund de Waal installation is looking serene in front of the huge picture window in the main foyer space.


It is made up of long thin, suspended aluminium vitrines, made of mostly frosted plexiglass. Within, there are carefully placed porcelain vessels that are de Waal’s signature. They hang like clouds above the sea and the light, pouring through them at different times of the day, changes their colour and substance. Translucent and light filled at one moment,  dark and brooding at another. Very much like the clouds above the harbour outside.
Beneath the installation there is a mat for visitors to lie on, so you can look up and through the ‘sky’ that de Waal has created. This acknowledges the meditative quality of this work but equally is a fun way for visitors & children to access and participate in the work.
For a closer look, visitors can see the work more clearly from the first floor balcony.
I personally am very moved by this interaction with nature and direct link to the Landscape outside. I could stand, or lie, and watch this work all day.
It fits in so well with the architecture of the building one wonders which came first.


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