I longed to see you.
The longing filled me with it’s emptiness.
Paralysed with the fear of rejection,
I waited.

My heart ached,
Awoken from my dreams by your voice,
It swelled & filled
With joy.

Temporary in it’s bliss,
You spoke of others & with each word
I faded away,

not impermeable
To pain
Inflicted by those words.
You left.
The hours passed.

Longing returned
To fill the void.
Bereft once again,
Wondering how long
Till I must hear you.

Then when hope had almost faded,
I hear you again.
The pleasure in both our voices clear,

My laughter rang out
I became visible
Once more.
Your shock in my delight
Restraining you,
Yet feeding you.

Much later
You would seek me again,
With your words if not your voice.
My opinion needed.
To reassure or reaffirm you?

My words
Stronger than my voice
Betray my heart.
My desire to be visible clear.
My need
To your needy.

Stops within the waiting.
Its cruelty
Sharp & stinging,
Its emptiness
Back to fill me.



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