Library Bottle Found

Das Flaschenpost Projekt

bottle no. 45 not yet closed bottle no. 45 not yet closed

I received notice today that the bottle which I planted four months ago in our local branch of the Nottingham City Library has been found by a reader there. He handed it over to the staff, and apparently they opened the bottle. I am very, very happy, about them being happy. They contacted me via public comment which you can read here.

Ich habe heute Nachricht erhalten, dass die Flasche, die ich Anfang April in unserer Stadtteilbibliothek in Wollaton versteckt habe, gefunden wurde. Sie haben einen öffentlichen Kommentar hinterlassen, den duhier lesenkannst. – Ich bin sehr glücklich darüber, dass sie sich gefreut haben, und dass die Flasche endlich gefunden wurde!

For this bottle I started out with making the standing desk. Several attempts with wood failed, and in the end I settled for cardboard painted with brown acrylics. I set a…

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