Hackney Wick

Last week I plunged into one of the newer artistic quarters in London, Hackney Wick. For me it was a nostalgic trip to when I worked there BC (before children). I combined an artistic visit to an art gallery with a trip to my old work place, Albion Kids Show. It was lovely to see the old yard, full to bursting with trucks and all manner of trailers and other engineering paraphernalia. The project continues to provide very valuable play resources to children in deprived areas as well as being a permanent fixture at Glastonbury every year!

Also in Hackney Wick,  I visited The Arebyte Gallery to see Cinzia Cremona’s new exhibition ‘Intimations.’


The exhibition is on until Dec 2nd 2014. There are 5 video performances arranged in the gallery that challenge our relationship with the performer on screen.


Some of the dialogue is heard through headphones other sound is straight into the room. These pieces are intimate, as the title suggests, and all challenging in different ways.


Some pieces draw you in & almost whisper in your ear, seductive or overly familiar? Others are attention seeking to the point of pity or annoyance?


It would be simplistic to suggest these works are about the performer, they are all emotive pieces that challenge something within the viewer.

I’d like to congratulate Cinzia on achieving her PhD with this body of work, making her Dr Cremona. Well done!



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