John Cage & Plexigrams

I’m Fluxus & I know it.

I have been wrestling with the idea of using sheets of plexiglass/perspex to represent the mountains of Madeira in my current project. I had a great time in the workshop this week, cutting the profile of the mountains out of perspex that I had printed several weeks ago.
I had used oil based inks and mixing a variety of blues & greens on the table, I had rollered them onto the perpex. I played with the texture and thickness of ink, to leave some translucency in places.
A tutorial with Mette-Sophie D Ambeck left me pondering the possibilities of laser cutting my 2000 word text onto three sheets of perpex, with mountain like profiles. I mentioned the printed colour perspex. Mette suggested no colour and just the text, a very exciting albeit expensive option. My budget doesn’t allow for major laser cutting at present (especially this close to Christmas) so I considered screen printing onto the perspex?
Whilst digging around for a suitable John Cage quote, for my theory essay, I found these…




These are two of eight ‘plexigrams’ that Cage made in 1968, entitled ‘Not Wanting to Say Anything About Marcel’. A visual tribute to his friend the artist Marcel Duchamp.
My heart skipped a beat.
These validate my urge to put text onto perspex and stand it upright within my ‘Landscape in a Case’ Assemblage, with some text readily legible and some hidden or obscured from view.
My heart is now racing…



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2 responses to “John Cage & Plexigrams

  1. Does this mean you know someone who does laser cutting? I could make some more River Song diaries if I could get the covers laser cut (using a knife takes me hours!)


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