MA Show prep

Wow, 4 weeks to go!
Fri 24th July, Masters at The Minories Show in Colchester.
So, it’s been a busy week here & in Colchester. I spent a second full day in the 3D workshop on my blissful lonesome (much easier to not get distracted by delightful Undergraduates gossiping!). Spent morning on the bandsaw, reshaping some perspex edges, smoothing curves, refining, refining, refining. Not as much fun as drilling holes in it last week but very satisfying indeed. Afternoon was spent sanding the edges and (with help from workshop supervisors Richard & Kitty) experimenting with Flame Polishing! We tried industrial Blow torch, Hot Air gun and slow gas flame thingy used for etching. Blow torch beat the others hands down. Just got to be quick and keep flame moving to avoid bubbles and distortion. Quick, rapid strokes, less is more contact is definitely best. Looking forward to trying my new blow torch from Maplins over the next couple of weeks.



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