Early Awakening

A pause, to rest
In the bustling High St
Its usual animation.
A glint in the corner of my eye
Colour swamps me
Orange streaks,
Lightning erupting from
Flame coloured hair.
Across whitest of skins,
Incandescent & glowing.
His face repeated on every cover
His every look burning through the tedium,
Aladdin in his Stardust
Ziggy in his Sane.
The shop window alive with promise, with mystery,
Magical and
Now immortalised.
Camden 1973
Forever in my 3 year old mind.


RIP David Bowie 1947-2016

This poem describes an early memory, of shopping with my mum on Camden High Street in 1973. I was a toddler of 3 and I completely recall seeing the shop windows in our local record shop (near the then big Tescos) completely covered in the same image. I thought it was a most wondrous thing. Every record sleeve on display was Bowie’s Aladdin Sane. Though we still called him Ziggy Stardust. There seemed to me that there were hundreds of faces looking at me, even though his eyes were closed. This early experience came before I really understood what music was, what Bowie was. But it stuck and my spirit is still lifted by that zingy orange colour of his hair and lightening bolt, to this day. His music still transports me. Bowie. One of THE greatest artists of the 20th Century.
We salute you Major Tom!


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