Here goes…2017!!

​Things always get worse before getting better…lets cross fingers that was it, yes 2016!

Bloody terrible. A whole year of bad news & humanitarian disasters.

But is it healthy to dwell on the negative? Especially if these terrible disasters haven’t occurred to us? Should we bemoan the death of celebrities, who we do not know personally, when people are really suffering in the world today?

My year was actually really good!  My celeb heroes might have died but none of my personal heroes did, I count that a blessing, though I feel for their families & loved ones. I also have a roof over my head & food on my table for my children & even managed treats this year. I saw my distant loved ones, some more than once & due to the miracles of science hope to see some of them again real soon. 

So many people in the world are displaced, cold & hungry or dead due to the machinations of the rich, powerful & greedy. I am grateful that, for now, that doesn’t include any of mine. We shall make what we will out of 2017, but let’s not forget those who our powerless to do the same. 

Find your cause.

Take a stand.

Get angry.

Speak up & speak out.


Be kind.

Lend a hand.

Step out of your echo chamber.


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