This blog started as an online record of my creative process starting in 2013 to support the research I conducted on my MA Art, Design & the Book at Colchester Institute, Colchester, UK.

I recorded visits to exhibitions, shows & book fairs; adding some of my photographs, images of artwork & creative writing.

This blog continues to be a place for me to question & reflect on the ‘encounters’ I make (encounters being those occasions that spark the artistic thought process) be they with someone or their work.

I’ve found that I’m enjoying combining found, ready-made objects with my own work, photography, creative writing, print and paper technology.

I have made assemblages that reference my identity as a Portuguese migrant, or rather the child of migrants. I am was born in Madeira but having moved to the UK at 15 months old, culturally perhaps, I am more British?

I love exploring that feeling of belonging to both places.
I am researching the concept of ‘Saudade’, a Portuguese term that does not easily translate into English, but expresses a deep longing for a time, place or person, akin to a grief mixed with nostalgia; it can be deeply sad or strangely euphoric or a mixture of both.

Since completing my MA, I have set up my Artists Studio at Thames-Side Studios on the river, near Woolwich in London. This past year the Studio itself has been my project & it continues to be a work in progress. I have enjoyed being a member of the Thames-Side Print Studio and the London Sculpture Workshop, both on site, too.

I have really enjoyed doing some furniture restoration and learning new skills and upgrading some old ones in the print studio.

I shall continue to learn and dabble in many differing media and shall blog, tweet & Instagram as often as is possible.

I hope you all find something on this varied site that you enjoy. If you would like to be a patron, and support my ongoing development as a professional artist, please donate by scrolling down to the Paypal DONATE button on the left hand side bar (or scroll right down to bottom of page on mobile site).

Please leave comments and feedback if you can.

With immense gratitude,

Sonia Serrao MA, PGCE, BA (Hons)

For a more immediate update on what is happening & to see some of my photographs. please see my Social Media at,

Twitter:  @PalaverSonia

Instagram: @PalaverDesigns

Please note that the Paypal page refers to Palaver, my Etsy online store (currently being revamped) which the Paypal account is connected to.



3 responses to “About

  1. Lina


    I have just found this as I followed the link because I loved the paper boats! Great stuff…I look forward to reading more posts!

    Lina 🙂 xx


  2. Mar k Puddy

    Clickydeclick…got it it is all yours! Wow, I need more ! Mxxx


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