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Good Men Suffer

Os bons vi sempre passar
No mundo graves tormentos;
E para mais me espantar,
Os maus vi sempre nadar
Em mar de contentamentos.

Ever in this world saw I
Good men suffer grave torments,
But even more—
Enough to terrify—
Men who live out evil lives
Reveling in pleasure and in content.

“Esparsa ao Desconcerto do Mundo”, translation from Luís de Camões and the Epic of the Lusiads (1962) by Henry Hersch Hart, p. 111


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To The Tune Of Song Of The South

In the sky, the River of Stars is moving.
In the world of mortals,my curtains are hanging down.
It is getting chilly on my tear-soaked pillow and mat.
I get up to losen my silk robe, wondering how advanced is the night.
Tiny the lotus seeds hugged by petals emerald-colored.
Few the arrowroot leaves in faded shades of gold.
The same old weather and the same old robe,
But my feelings and thoughts differ from those of byone times.

by Li Qingzhao

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Herberto Helder

Descanse em Paz (RIP)
November 23, 1930 – March 23, 2015


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